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Doktor Spinn

PR-konsulten Jerry Silfwers blogg om PR och andra typer av marknadsföring.

The Engagement Pyramid (Based on the 1% Rule)

Successful online activation campaigns must isolate and engage. The Engagement Pyramid explains how and why.

Originally published on The Engagement Pyramid (Based on the 1% Rule)">Doctor Spin

Viral Math for Loop Designers

Do you aspire to become a Viral Loop Designer? Here's everything you need to know. Roll up your sleeves — it's viral math time!

Originally published on Viral Math for Loop Designers">Doctor Spin

Quantity vs. Quality in Marketing

Some say you should go big and wide, others say go focused and deep. Which marketing strategy is right for your business?

Originally published on Quantity vs. Quality in Marketing">Doctor Spin

Socializing Ourselves to Death

Is social media the future of communication — or is it a breeding ground for hate groups, fake news, and click-baits?

Originally published on Socializing Ourselves to Death">Doctor Spin

Why Your CSR is Boring

Why is it so difficult for private companies to get recognized for CSR activities? Doing good deeds is important, but the rules of storytelling still apply.

Originally published on Why Your CSR is Boring">Doctor Spin

TEDx: A Recipe for PR Success

Why relationships are key for growing your business and why brands should target a stupid majority to attract the active support of a smart minority.

Originally published on TEDx: A Recipe for PR Success">Doctor Spin

David & Goliath: How Underdogs Defeat Stupid Majorities

A formula on how to succeed with an underdog PR strategy for your business — by identifying a stupid majority.

Originally published on David & Goliath: How Underdogs Defeat Stupid Majorities">Doctor Spin

The Low-Ball Squeeze: Don’t Kill Your Webshop

Social platforms often use the low-ball squeeze to lure businesses away from connecting with customers directly. Will e-commerce be next?

Originally published on The Low-Ball Squeeze: Don’t Kill Your Webshop">Doctor Spin

F*** Pikachu (or How to Keep Up with New Trends)

Is it possible to stay on top on trends in today's accelerating online landscape — and must we become Pokémon marketing experts now?

Originally published on F*** Pikachu (or How to Keep Up with New Trends)">Doctor Spin

Dear Journalist: PR is More than Pitching for Publicity

We need to talk about your broken relationship with PR.

Originally published on Dear Journalist: PR is More than Pitching for Publicity">Doctor Spin

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